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We are so honored to be apart of the amazing entrepreneurial community here in Kansas City! And to feel the love from one of KC's most innovative newsroom is something to celebrate!

We want to carry this momentum through 2021 and beyond as the world turns the corner around Covid-19 and return closer to a normal life.

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"You don’t live through a year like 2020 and start a new one without determination to do and be better, Jannae Gammage said, teasing a second year for The Market Base that’s expected to kick the tech platform into high gear. 

“We literally launched the day George Floyd’s murder was released publicly. We got a pandemic a couple months before that. When you look up and you look back — it’s like, ‘Wow, look at everything we did last year,’ and we were just starting out,” Gammage, co-founder and CEO, said of what it took to realize her vision for the on-demand marketing platform during such intense times for Kansas City and the nation. 

Through it all, Gammage and co-founder Milad Ghasempour found ways to push the young company — and themselves — to the limit, growing a lengthy customer waitlist and cementing connections that have poised the company to hit the ground running with plans to take on funding and finalize high-dollar partnerships with noteworthy local clients in 2021.

“In the eight weeks following the pandemic, e-commerce did [as much revenue as it] had in 10 years. Our entire framework changed — who we were helping and how we were helping them obviously changed because now brick-and-mortars have to go online,” Ghasempour said, detailing the startup’s pivots and ways it plans to concentrate its efforts to reach and assist main street businesses in 2021. 

“It made us stronger. We’re not perfect, but we’re coming out pretty good.”

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