Our mission is to make marketing fast, simple, and affordable for all.

The way it should be. 

All about the benjamins baby.

Actually. We're not. We believe a company should do more than just generate profits.  At our core, we are a team of entrepreneurs building a supportive and diverse company that cares for one another and other small businesses.  We want you to be proud that you've chosen a good company to work with.

Our story

Traditional marketing wasn't working for us. So we created something better. After experiencing first hand how expensive hiring a marketing team could be, as well as how time consuming it was to do it ourselves - our founders created The Market Base.  Our goal was to make quality marketing services accessible and affordable for everyone. The way it should be.

Our values

Our purpose goes far beyond marketing services.  We wake up every day to change lives for small business.  We know that every dollar that goes out, must come back in because that revenue supports owners ability to feed their families, grow their business, and make impact.


We treat each other and our clients with warmth and authenticity


We are self-starters and seek out the best marketing solutions for every circumstance


You know what you get, from pricing to collaboration to results.  No sugar coating.  


We focus on providing a specialized experience that makes sure nobody gets lost in the mix by giving personal attention and a direct line to the CEO.

Our vision

The Market Base’s mission is to level the playing field for small business owners by giving them the same access to expert marketing as their big brand counterparts. We are committed to achieving our mission through a three-pronged strategy:


Quality Service


avg. growth

added features in 90 days

personnel hired

Result driven strategies.  We are committed to delivering quality, long-term results.  Our beta users have already seen an avg of 300% growth.  Read our case study here.

Our software updates and features will always be built based on customer needs & feedback. And quickly. We have added and continue to add over 24 features and integrations in 90 days.

Our rigorous screening process ensures we get the best. As marketers ourselves, we look for proven experts with passion and drive. We only accept people into the network who we’d want to work with and learn from ourselves.

Of all the applications, we accept the top 3%.

Try Market Base

100% satisfaction guaranteed

The Market Base is the worlds #1 flat rate marketing service.  Our purpose: To level the playing field for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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