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How It Works

It starts with a custom-built strategy tailored to your business goals and online needs.

Other agencies try to sell you the same package or plan that they sell everyone else.

They do this because it makes things easier for them to manage. All they have to do is rinse and repeat when they get a new customer

Not at the Market Base. We KNOW each business is different and has different goals.

And we know that each business owner has their own ideas and thoughts about their marketing.

That's why we developed our request-based marketing system.

Signing up with the Market Base means you get a marketing strategist that will be handling all of your marketing needs. We understand how online marketing channels work and function to make sure each effort supports your growth.

We develop a marketing strategy for you based on your goals and needs while also taking into account your target audience and your business type/model.

From there, they break down your strategy and goals into actionable tasks that will be uploaded into your dashboard for you to see, comment on, and see the status to provide full transparency in our work 

If you love the strategy and your marketing strategist, all you have to do is wait as things are completed and let us know of any changes.

Or if you're like the typical small business owner/entrepreneur you have some ideas of your own you think might work well. Or maybe you just need something in a hurry.

 That's when you can make a request and have your marketing expert execute it for you. 

The best part about your Market Base services is that you can make unlimited graphic design requests. 

Have an idea for a social media post? Make a request.

Don't like your Facebook cover photo? Make a request.

Want to explore a new marketing channel like Youtube or Whatsapp? Make a request

Want a breath of fresh air for your graphics? Make a request :)

There are going to be things that our team can't handle such as 3D models, animated videos, logos, and GIFs to name a few.

We only offer what is necessary for your growth marketing in your subscription and the items listed above are not needed to successfully grow your business online.

If you do need a logo because you're changing your brand image, or you don't have one because you haven't gotten to it yet, our branding kit add-on is a perfect fit for you.

It is a one-time package for those that want to upgrade their branding or those that don't have any yet.

Why Growth Marketing Is Right For You

So far in my career, I’ve done thousands of calls with business owners, especially after the virus disrupted everyday life.

Some were local while others were online only. Most were startups or businesses that had never had proper marketing help before.  

What I found when talking to all of them was as follows:

  - They all knew what they wanted help with

 - They all never knew how to actually do it

 - They were all working in their business and not selling or talking with customers 

There were quite a few that had tried working with an agency or marketing firm in the past and they never got what they needed out of their investment. 

Every one of them said they had confidence in their new partner to get the results (which seems obvious but still an important question to ask).

It wasn't until things got started that they realized this may not have been a good fit.

In most cases, the business owner had to have more than one meeting with their account manager to spoon-feed them everything about their business so they could help.

This process on average took almost to 2 weeks ( 9 business days) from the date of payment

As a business owner, that's a long time to wait before you start seeing the ball rolling with your investment

That's when The Market Base came to be!

(Well, in my head anyway)

I realized that traditional agencies are not built for small businesses looking to grow online and actually built for established businesses that were already making money, looking to launch a campaign where time was not essential because their investment wasn't breaking their bank

How Your Business Will Be Transformed With The Right Online Assets

Taking the steps to leverage online opportunities is necessary to build a lasting business

As long as your offering has a product-market fit and the competition isn't fierce, you have a good shot at being successful.  

Now all you have to do is get in front of your ideal customer/audience to attract their attention and get sales.

Most small businesses/mom-and-pop shops think having a website/Facebook page and a Google My Business listing was enough for them to be found online and get customers.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. They need real help from a professional marketer that understands their audience and the problem they solve for them to really sell customers on the benefit.

A simple Facebook Page with photos posted from your cell phone and a two-sentence caption about what we are looking for is not enough to sell your customers.

It is your number one job as a business owner to sell. But selling takes time because you have to talk to customers and answer their questions and educate them about your business.

This takes A LOT of your time if you are a small business or startup. Especially when you are still finding your footing and fine-tuning your internal operations, product/service, and trying to grow.

You could hire a salesperson to do talk to customers for you but with inconsistent business, this option is hardly a viable option.

That's where we come in and work our magic.

We know the sales process of online customers and what their expectations are when finding your business online. They have things that they want to know, prequalifying questions already in their head, and a tough set of guidelines they judge your brand by before even considering giving you their money. 

That's the nature of doing business online. It takes some getting used to but it's infinitely scalable. Your website is up 24/7 and does half the selling for you so when a customer does approach you with questions or wants to know more, they are already familiar with what you sell 

Now you can make an easy sale by telling them why you're without a doubt their best option

Here Are A Few Of The Success Stories From Previous Customers

The first is a product-based business that was actually only an idea when they came across The Market Base

FitMap Trainer 

FitMap is an exercise mat designed to help athletes and gym rats alike practice proper form and avoid injury.

Started by two chiropractors who saw the lack of guidance available to keep proper form in the gym without having another person watch and tell you.

Mirrors weren't cutting it and something had to give.

Enter FitMap.

The two gentlemen that started FitMap had nothing started, just the idea for their business. No website, just a few sketch designs

They got their money together and finalized their designs before finding their distributor and bought their first round of mats to be produced while we handled everything else, the website, email marketing, Instagram, Facebook, influencers, shipping processes, all of it.

Over the course of three months, we were ready to launch.

And to quote one of the founders at FitMap

“We had $14,000 in sales just from the launch alone. Really glad we chose to work with you The Market Base" 

Here Are More People Who Recommend The Market Base

"This is the best thing ever. I have an idea and The Market Base executes. They can't read my mind but the results come quickly and submitting a request only takes 2 minutes" - Kaitlin Roberts

“The Market Base gave us clarity when it came to our marketing with objectives that helped us meet our goals and better understand our audience” - Lena Para

“I need new graphics all the time to promote new products and the unlimited marketing is honestly the best feature” - Kristin Johnson

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