The Polygon app at work

A new approach to online marketing for businesses. Automated. Scalable. Reliable.

No HR. No interviews. No drama. In a few clicks, The Market Base gives you access to an expert marketing team ready to create, implement and execute your entire sales and marketing system.

  • No contracts. No hidden fees.
  • Unlimited Graphic Design Included.

We've got the art of generating customers down to a science. 🧬

The software is new, but The Market Base is not. After implementing our framework with thousands of businesses as an agency, we were able to come up with our patented roadmap - Our "Secret Ingredient" that allows us to implement awesomely effective advertising and marketing campaigns each and every day like clockwork. We follow these exact steps in the exact order to get the exact results you're looking for to grow your business - no matter what type or stage of business you're in.

How it Works

How thousands of brands scale and delegate their marketing to The Market Base


Sign Up

Sign up for an account on our web platform.  



Fill out our 10 min onboarding form about your business. From this info, we'll build the best team from our 100's of marketing rockstars.



Your team will get right to work implementing our marketing roadmap and building a strategy around growing your business to the next level.



Sit back and relax. Make graphic design requests when you need. Brainstorm with your marketing manager. Approve and monitor campaign deliverables.